Our social media standards and guidance

Social media really is powerful and we love using it to connect with you. It means we can engage with you directly live and online.  You can say hello to us and ask us anything you like about our company and your account.

Being safe and secure online is important to us so there are a few rules we both need to follow. We’re proud of the standards we meet and want to give you the best user experience possible.

Keeping your information secure

We’re happy to talk online, but if you need to give us personal information we ask that you don’t share this publicly – this is to protect your identity and keep your information safe.

If ever you need to give us personal or sensitive information, we’ll always ask you to contact us privately – by phone, email or private message.

As a standard practice, any post that contains personal or sensitive information will be removed. This is because we want to keep your personal information safe.

When you communicate with us online, you agree that we can use your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy– so please have a read!


We’re open to debate and discussion on our pages, but we do monitor and moderate comments and posts. We want everyone to feel comfortable contributing and be safe. If we see the following, we’ll act quickly and remove it from our accounts:

  • Personal information in a public place – any information about you or another customer that is confidential
  • Any statement about Fosse Energy, the company, the employees or products, that is false or inaccurate
  • Any abusive, defamatory, offensive, profane, sexual, or hateful posts and content
  • Malicious content, spam, trolling, suspicious links or posts derailing conversation and debate

For minor and single occurrences of the above we’ll say no more about it. However, if rules are continually broken, or if we consider rule breaks as severe, we reserve the right to block users.

We assume that if you engage with us through any of our social platforms, you are aware of and will comply with the terms and conditions of that website/app. You are solely responsible for anything you say, upload or link to on our social platforms.

Customer Service

Our social media accounts are monitored Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. If you need to contact us outside of these times you can call us free on 0800 141 2001 (Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday 9am -5pm).


Please don’t use our social accounts to contact us if there is an emergency.

There are dedicated 24 hour contact lines for gas emergencies and power cuts that will be able to investigate the issue for you as fast as possible.


Content and comments posted by people on our social platforms don’t necessarily reflect the opinions or ideals of Fosse Energy, or individuals or contractors linked to us.

We do everything we can to stop offensive and inappropriate content appearing on our feeds. If you do come across anything please let us know or report it directly to the social platform.

We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time without prior notice, and to close down our social media accounts, if needed, at any time.