How will my energy costs be calculated?

Your meter readings will be used to calculate the amount of energy you have used.

All electrical devices have their power measured in watts (W) but for gas, we have to convert it to kilowatt-hours (kWh).


Wattage x Hours x Days ÷ 1000  = kWh

To calculate the costs of the power used by an electrical item, the wattage is multiplied by the number of hours it’s used for each day, and then by the number of days per year. The total is divided by 1,000 to give us the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Final cost

£ per kWh x Total kWh = your energy cost

The final cost is worked out by multiplying your price per kWh by the amount of kWhs used.

Need help working out the wattage?

You can usually find the wattage label on the appliance or sometimes in the user’s manual. If not, you will need to know the amps or amperes (A) and voltage (V). The amps is the amount of electricity used and voltage measures the force at which the electricity is charged. Multiplying the two will give you your wattage.