What support can I get if I’m having payment problems?

Finance is a frustrating thing and we know things don’t quite always go to plan. We can offer support and guidance to help you resolve your payment problems and get things back on track.

Payment problems solved

First things first, get in touch as soon as you can so that one of our friendly advisers can help you.

Our advisers are available to phone for free on 0800 030 4567 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday or between 9am to 5pm on Saturday.

Our advisers will find out more about your situation, listen to you concerns and advise you on the payment options that could work for you. This might mean setting up an arrangement to pay a manageable amount every week, fortnight or month.

There are also several independent organisations that can support you if you’re having trouble paying your bills. For further information see where else can I go for help?