What does your smart In Home Display (IHD) look like?

Your In Home Display (IHD) can look quite overwhelming but with our friendly guide below, you’ll know all about it in no time.

Waking up your IHD

Your Smart IHD is set to backlight 24 hours a day but don’t worry it costs less than 20p a year to be lit all the time.

If you would like to program your Smart IHD to power down when you’re not using it just pop into the Settings button from the home screen and press ‘Backlight’.

Pressing ‘Backlight’ on the settings button means your screen will go dark after 60 seconds and light up again when you tap the screen.

Is the display black? Just tap the display area to wake up your IHD.

Getting to the Main Menu

You can always get to the main menu by pressing Menu on any screen.