How to manually top up if your In Home Display (IHD) is missing or broken?

If you’re experiencing problems with your In Home Display (IHD) on your smart meter, you will need to manually input your Vend Code .

To do this you need to first go to your gas or electricity meters and locate the keypad. Once you have located them, use the diagrams and instructions below to help you through the next steps.

images of an electricity meter next to a gas meter

Step 1

Using the meter keypad, give the blue key ‘A’ a quick press. This will tell the meter that you want to top up in VEND MODE.
image of keypad typically found on gas or electricity meter

Step 2

With the meter is in VEND MODE you can input the 20 digit Vend Code that you will find on your PayPoint receipt.
When you are in VEND MODE your ‘A’ button becomes a delete button so if you do get anything wrong you can delete it and re input.
image of digital screen saying vend mode

Step 3

Once you’ve put in all your 20 digits press the red ‘B’ button. The screen should then show you the amount you topped up by followed by the message ADDED. Your meter is now topped up.
image of digital screen saying added

Problems topping up?

If you see any of the messages below then you should re input your Vend Code, you may have put in a wrong digit, duplicated a Vend Code or not inputted enough digits.

4 images of digital screens saying rejected, duplicate, incorrect and incomplete
If you continue to see any of these messages then please get in touch with our customer service staff who will be happy to help.