Introduction to your smart meter In Home Display (IHD) unit

Here’s what you Smart Meter In House Display (IHD) unit looks like.

Your Smart Meter IHD sits inside your house in an easy to access place and will help you monitor your energy use.

Powering your IHD

We recommend that you use the mains power to power your IHD as it is much more economical than batteries. Further information on fitting batteries in your IHD can be found in your Secure Quick Start Guide included with your IHD installation pack.

How do I get my IHD working?

Don’t worry! Our meter installer will fit your meter and IHD at the same time. The installer will talk to you about your new IHD and advise you of the best place for the unit to sit.

Where should the IHD be placed in my home?

Your IHD needs to be a certain distance from the smart meter to ‘talk’ to it. When the Connection Icon (below)  displays then the IHD is connected to the Home Area Network (HAN). This means that your IHD is ‘talking’ to the smart meter. If your IHD displays the Disconnection Icon (below) then it has disconnected from the meter and will need moving nearer the meter or resetting.