How can I pay?

If you don’t have a pay-as-you-go meter the two main ways to pay are by Direct Debit or upon receipt of your bill:

Direct Debit

With a Direct Debit you never have to worry about forgetting to pay your energy bill again. Your payment will be taken automatically from your bank account and you’ll get a monthly bill or statement so you can keep an eye on what you’re paying.

You can make fixed payments, meaning the amount is the same every month, or variable payments, where you pay for exactly the energy you use.

On receipt of bill

Here, you simply receive a bill each month by email or post and pay it using one of the methods below. If you choose to pay on receipt of bill, it’s a good idea to send us regular meter readings so you’re not paying for more energy than you’re actually using.

There are a few ways to pay when your bill comes through:

  • Through your online account
  • By phone, on 0800 141 2001
  • At your nearest Post Office or PayPoint – just take your bill with you to pay by cash, debit or credit card