What are smart meters?

Smart meters record real-time information on the amount of energy you are using. The meter transmits this information to Fosse Energy, so we always have up to date readings.

The information is also displayed on an In Home Display unit (IHD), which sits in your home. It shows you how much energy you are using and how much it is costing – giving you much better control over your energy use.

Why choose Pay-As-You-Go?

Many Pay-As-You-Go customers find going to the shop to top-up their prepayment meter key really inconvenient.

Smart meters connect wirelessly to Fosse Energy’s customer services and our smart Pay-As-You-Go payment services,which means you can top up over the phone and online. This means no more last-minute trips to the shop or running out of energy during a busy evening at home.

What can Pay-As-You-Go smart meters do for you?

They give you much more control over your energy use. You can keep an eye on your energy use and use your appliances more efficiently.

They give you more control over your energy spending. The smart meter will display your credit levels and can be programmed to warn you if you’re approaching a credit limit.

Flexibility to top-up – your smart Pay-As-You-Go top up card can be used to top up online, over the phone or at your nearest PayPoint retailer.

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