Fosse Energy is here to make fuel poverty a thing of the past. We don’t think it’s right that any family today should have to choose between fuel and food. That’s the situation many people face as a result of rising energy prices.

We know that there are people living in Leicester and Leicestershire who are struggling to heat their homes and pay their energy bills. So we’re working to put things right, one household at a time.

We’ve partnered with Robin Hood Energy, a not-for-profit energy company doing everything they can to bring energy costs down. Therefore we can keep our prices low and competitive as we’re not here to make a profit.

Warm Home Discount scheme

The Warm Home Discount Scheme is a government scheme that gives extra help to people struggling with their energy bills. If you’re eligible you’ll get a one-off payment of £140 off your electricity bill between October and April.

Fosse Energy are part of the Warm Home Discount Scheme for the Core Group.

Find out if you’re eligible for this government scheme.